Error when using Auto Complete Widget

I am using the latest Auto Complete widget in our project (v 3.2.0 which is only available on github, for reason it is not in the app store). I have configured an on change microflow. Everything seems to work correctly, but everytime before the on change mciroflow is called I can see an error in the browser console: Uncaught TypeError: $.throttle is not a function I looked up the javascript line that caused the error from the debugger: $.throttle( 50,self._execMf(self._contextObj.getGuid(), self.onChangeMicroflow)); If I set a breakpoint I can indeed see that throttle is undefined. Still the microflow is called and everything runs fine, except that the browser console shows an error. Any ideas what is going on? Am I missing some configuration step?  -Andrej
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Looks like a jquery version conflict with another widget. Another widget probably creates the $ variable after AutoComplete already created it, but does not load the "throttle" plugin. I would recommend raising it as an issue on the GitHub repository.