Upload Files as large as 30 GB - Can the max limit setting be extended?

Hello, We have a business case where the files to be uploaded (Typically engineering drawings) are as large as 20+ GB.  From a different question on the mendix forum (https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/4791), i learnt that though the max limit by default is set to 5 MB , but it can be changed to a higher value and there are some cloud settings that also can be set to 1 GB by contacting Mendix Support. However, i want to know, if there is a limitation to what size can be set at the web server configuration level or in other words, can it acccommodate 30 GB as the size limit?  
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Hi Prasanna,

Technically it should be possible.

But I think in that case it would probably be better to use a different solution than a regular file upload. As that would keep a thread open for too long. For example, a widget that directly uploads the large files to S3 or something. Instead of using the web server to forward that to the underlying file storage which could also be S3.