Dynamic (enum) filters in a template grid

I'm searching for dynamic filter options (based on entity enum's) to filter my template grid. I hope I'm overlooking the basic functionalities, but thus far I haven't found a way to filter the database data in a template grid. Alternatively, I could make it a list view and, by help of CSS, make it two columns, have the same styling and use the addon 'list view controls'.. But as the correct widget is a template grid here, I'd like to keep using the template grid. So in short: How can I get enum filters in my template grid?  
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What data source are you using? You should be able to right click above the search button and click "add search field". The one you would want is "Drop-down"


If you are using data source over an association, search filters are not allowed. You could change it to xpath and add the same association as a constraint. 


Hope this helps!