Getting started with the WizardSteps widget

Hi there We are trying to set up the wizardsteps widget from the appstore - - ,  and running in to some issues with the onclick microflow. We've created an admin page that makes our list, and returning it in the page just fine (not styled, still ugly)  However we're struggling with how to use these to show a page and pass an object, or know when to change the status enumeration. The documentation is a little unclear on what to do with the 'WizardList' object, just the WizardStep object. How have others implemented this widget successfully?  Luke
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Hey Luke,

I don't think you need that widget any longer. I remember trying to use that widget and it was a bit clunky. The Modeler should have page templates for Wizard pages and then you can just create custom microflows to pass your own objects from page to page. You simply just change the CSS Class of the "Active", "Visited", and upcoming wizard steps accordingly.