iCal module not sending Calendar requests

Hi,   I've installed the iCal Module with the default configured smtp settings: localhost on port 25 utilizing Mendix SMPT servers to send meeting requests. When I try to send a test appointment from the Appointment Overview, it just hangs and doesnt time out, prompting me to refresh the page. I don't know if this module has been updated to work in Mendix 7.11.0 or if there are conflicts with the java libraries not executing the request. My log files don't log any errors relating to the request. I am running this widget on mendix cloud. I find that this will be very useful for sending meeting requests to sales users who have to attend credit meetings and have reminders on which session to attend to.    
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Are you running the app in V4 cloud? SMTP (emails) are not available on port 25 in V4, you need an external SMTP server