Image View Issue

Hello All,   I am designing a website as part of my college project where the user can upload an image and he should be able to view the image. I have created an entity called MyImage by inheriting system image properties.   I want to view the image here. Right now the image does not show over here.   kindly help me with this.  Thank You
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At some point in your process you have to create the "MyImage" entity. It looks like it should have an association to "RepairTicket". You could eliminate this by having "RepairTicket" inherit from System.Image, or you can fix it by auto creating the "MyImage" entity when you create a ticket, or the "Upload Image" link can be a microflow where you (retrieve or) create the "MyImage". Just remember if you're doing this with microflow in your create object action you must set the association and depending on where you're doing all of these things a "refresh in client" may be necessary.