Report Date Parameter widget

Hi! I wanted to include date range to generate reports in my project. However, I can't find much information on the Report Date Parameter widget. Could you please share more light on how to implement it?
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Hi Nishant,

Good place to start is the Mendix reference guide.

Data Sets:
Report Widgets:

I understand it would be challenging sometimes when How-To's docs are not available for some features but take your time to do some reading and DIY.

Some pointers,
1. You need to create a DataSet in your project module - RightClick on Module->Add->Resources->Dataset

2. Add parameters for the DataSet.

3. You would have to set the source to be a OQL or a Java Action.

4. For your DataSet parameter to show up as selctable in your Report Date Parameter widget " The corresponding data set must be used by one of the report widgets on the page." say a Report Grid for example.

I know this is not much but hope it will get you going forward.