Is there any input widget available for Type and search drop down?

Hi Team, As part of our project, user can able type in search field and the reference values should be listed in drop down and then user can pick it up value from drop down list. But, the current search functionality have select the drop down list value Separately.I downloaded the  Autocomplete and grid column search widgets and tried to assign it in my grid search field but in the grid it not allowing to add input widget. Can anyone help me how to use it in Data grid page?
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Hi Iswarya,


To setup the grid column search widget, place it under the datagrid you want to use it with. Then double click it and fill out the two settings.


Grid Entity would be the same as the data source of the datagrid and Grid Name would be the name of the datagrid. To find the grid name, double click the datagrid and go to the common tab.


Hope this helps!