ListView/TemplateGrid Selection as input for a refference & no pop up?

Hello, I'm trying to use a list selection as an input for a refference in my object. Example: List of food options where I want to use the selected item as a refference in my order object. Because of design specifications I can't use a pop up window. I also need to keep track of the order object across multiple pages. Is this achievable with the built in widgets? I'm having a hard time figuring it out.
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You can use a microflow to accomplish this.  The microflow should accept 2 parameters:  Order and Food.  When the microflow is invoked, you can create a new object (I am assuming you have an OrderItem object with an association to Order and to Food) that has an association to both parameters.  This microflow can be invoked from a ListView that displays Food objects - either via an action button in each ListView object or via the On Click property of the ListView.  For this to work, you would need to have the Food ListView inside of an Order Dataview (so that you can pass both parameters). 

Hope that helps,