Configure the auto complete search widget in the Data view

Hi Team, I have downloaded the auto complete search widget and placed it in my data view and gave the required configuration( I chose 'Search-Xpath' option and  in the 'Result display' tab, have created ' Template attribute' and selected template) and executed the application. In the 'search box ' have entered the value that have in the DB, for that the widget is showing the 'variable name' which I configured not the actual values. I do not know where I am missing in configuration and How to configure the data for auto complete search(will be helpful with sample data). Can any one help me on this? Note: We are using non-persistent entity. We tried 'Input reference selector' widget, but it is not supporting since it is a non-persistent entity . Also, please suggest if there any widget available for type and search functionality in the data view. Thanks for your response!        
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Hi Iswarya,

did you configure the autocompleteWidget correctly? in the 'Result Display' tab, display variables can be configured, here is an example:


While I am configuring Auto Complete search widget, I am getting error like:  The Path should contain at least one step. Can anyone please help me. 


I’ve implemented this successfully.


There are two major tabs. one is result other is Search tab. In search select the attribute which needs to be searched upon and assign a name. In the above two fields pdate the variablename in format ${variablename}.
in Result select the attribute details you want the result to be saved into.