ImageUploader is disabled for an unknown reason

Hi, I'm trying to upload an image to the 'Account' entity but i can't even click on 'browse'. I 10-doublechecked all the security options so it would surprise me that that would be  the problem .. ProfilePic is an associated Entity with Account and i made sure ProfilePic is system.image. The association is 1-1. I also made sure the imageUploader is situated in a dataview. I don't know what else I can do .. Thanks in advance.    
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Is there a ProfilePic object created for the Account you are trying to add the image to?



I know you have checked security, but this one has tripped me up previously, so I thought it might be something to mention.  Check the project level security for user roles....if you haven't already, change this setting or login with an administrator user role that has the rights to manage all user roles:

***EDIT 2***

I just reproduced the situation you described.  In my test project, this was caused by the ProfilePic entity not being created for the account I was viewing.  I made a microflow to create the profile pic and associate it with the account, and put that behind a button on my page.  That solved the problem for me.



Yes, I have a microflow for that called ACR_CreateprofilePic and I use it as an Eventhandler on the Account Entity. 



Can you show a screen shot of the page, mf, and domain model?

Because what I think is happening is that your account was created but the associated ProfilePic. You don't need a 1 - 1 association from ProfilePic to system.image because you already made it a specialization. You only need the association to the account.



Thanks a lot for the help! I got the Image Uploader enabled just by adding a 'creacte object' activity in the 'manageAccount microflow of the profileImage. 

The next problem I encounter is that my saveButton doesn't save the profileImage .. it says this: 




My Microflow is this: 

And my Error is this: