Appronto Validator 2.1 question

I have downloaded the latest version of it and was hoping to be able to validate on association.  I have Account, and assocition, Account_AccountType. Type is another entity. When I do validation, I need to first retreive AccountType by the association? If the Type is empty, I need to do AddValidation check, here, the attribute to validate, should I put "<ModuleName>.Account_AccountType"?  I tried it, it gave me error.   Can someone give any ideas? Thanks  
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Hi Ping,

Associations validations are working as expected like this. I refer to the demo microflows in the module:

Check if you need to add a validation for the association because it is empty:


if it is empty we add a validation:

You see here the Module name of where your entity is modeled in the domainmodel then the association name.In your case I think it should be Administration.Account_Accounttype 😇


It will correctly show the validation bar below the reference selector and no popup


Please let us know if this is working out for you 👍