Calendar widget onclick errors - converting circular structure to JSON

We recently upgraded our app from 6.10.12 to 7.13.1 and have encountered a problem with the calendar widget (v5.4.0) when running the app locally. When clicking on an existing entry in the calendar the On click microflow does not run and the following error appears in the Chrome console: Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON at JSON.stringify (<anonymous>) This behaviour occurs for all calendars within our app, using several different entities. When the app is running on our test cloud environment the On click works correctly and the New Event microflow works correctly on all environments. Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this issue?
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Hi Charlie,

Would you be able to check this version for me and see if that fixes the problem:

I think it has to do with a logger statement that tries to log the MxObject. I have seen this issue before in new Mendix versions where the MxObject logging resulted in an error somewhere.

I'll wait for your feedback. If it fixes it, I'll release this fixed version as 5.4.1 in the AppStore.