Drop-down best practices

My goal is to have two drop down widgets where the first one restricts the options available on the second one. For example I would have two drop down: one of Animal Species and the other of Animal Name. If I select 'Dog' under Animal Species I want the next, Animal Name drop down to display only dog names 'Lassie, Air Bud, Shiloh, etc'. I've looked and googled but still can't find what I thought would be a simple feature. I've tried replicating this manually by using 1-* and/or generalization - just to try everything. I'm still not able to replicate the functionality I'm looking for. What is the best practice for doing this? Or do I just have to build a microflow 'Selectable Objects' section in the reference selector... or would that even work?
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There is a function for that, the constrained by for XPath:

  • Double click the reference selector to open its properties.
  • Set the data source for the reference selector to XPath
  • At the bottom of the popup, there is a constrained by
  • Make your selection carefully because Mendix will show many different option, you just need the one that makes sense


Documentation link:


On the page, search for 'constrained' using your browser's search function.