Widget .css change when upgrading from Mendix 7.3 to Mendix 7.13.1

Hi We are in the process of upgrading from Modeler 7.3 to 7.13.1. We expierence an issue with widget styling and we do not know how to solve this. We used widget in our layout pages. For example in the footer we have a widget that shows the date and version of the software used.  In 7.3 Modeller we adjused some styling parameters to have the text in small font and hae a size that corresponds with other figures/text in the pagefooter. In 7.13.1 these styling parameters are not active any more, and as a result the border box is shown again, font and size are too large and the footer now appears with a scroll barr. It looks if the widget has an extra class mx-name, that overrules our settings. Any ideas how to get the same look of our pages back ? The following figure shows the 7.3 styling of the widget in the browser The followig figure shows the 7.13.1 styling in the browser (with the same styling set in the Modeller)
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The change is that an input element is now wrapped in a div. So your custom styling is now applied to the div instead of the input, as it was before. 

I would advice solving this by changing the styling using classed instead of directly on the element.


You could for example add a footer class to the container and add the following example code to the theme:

.footer input {

As an alternative you can change the read-only style to Text