Listview sort-order not working when adding textbox search widget (7.11)

I have a similar situation as I've got it worked-around but want to understand .... In mx 7.11 i have a listview sorted on sequence number. I added the textbox search now the sorting didn't work anymore. As a workaround: I added the dropdown sort widget, to add the default sorting. Now it works again. I don't want to show the customer a widget that has no meaning. (only one sort order). So i added the style "visibility: hidden;" to the container with the dropdown sort.  So now it looks as designed, but I cannot understand why the listview sort cannot be applied out of the box...    
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Still in 7.23.2 this bug isn't solved and I didn't read anything about this in release notes if 7.23.3 and 7.23.4 This is very frustrated. The workaround described here above doesn't work always.

Update, with 7.23.4 still not working. 


Did you create a ticket for this? If not, please report to support.