Excel exporter only exporting 1 object

I'm following the guide on how to export data from my app to excel (https://docs.mendix.com/howto/integration/using-the-excel-exporter) and it's all working just fine, i can add the attributes i want to export, i can then also download the file as i should be able to, however i want to get a list of objects into the excel file, but it's currently only adding 1 object into the file.   I've tried to retrieve the list of objects i want in the file, but i can't pass the 'GenerateExcelDoc' a list of objects; I then tried to do it in a loop, where i'd have the loop iterate over the list of objects and pass the java action the iterator, however i would then have to have the 'Download file' action in the loop aswell, which would mean i'm downloading a bunch of files, which is clearly not what i want.
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Hi Justin,

Are you trying to generate a report of the entire table or specific records? If its for the entire table, then in your template, don't specify an input object (leave it blank), and when you call the Generate excel doc java action set input object to empty. This will export an excel doc of all the records in the table that you specified in your template.

If you want to generate a report with specific records, you can use the input object field on the template, and then in your worksheet template, use the "Reference to template input object" to constrain your data by an association.