DatePicker issue

Hi, I am using DatePicker widget in our app. It is working fine as expected but the calendar icon is not getting displayed when we run app in devices(iOs/ android.) When we run the same in local machine (chrome), it is visible. Appreciate a prompt response   Thanks&Regards Salma
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If it is only related to an image from a widget not showing in a mobile app, it could be the same issue that was there with one of my widgets; GoogleMapsCustomMarker. Make sure you do not use a relative widget path to an image in the widget folder, put refer to it via mx.appUrl. Not sure why this is not properly handled in a mobile app though, but below did the trick...

 Changing the referral to the image in my widget from:

imagePath: '../widgets/GoogleMapsCustomMarker/images/m'


imagePath: mx.appUrl + 'widgets/GoogleMapsCustomMarker/images/m'