Hide Mendixs default progress bar

Hi, is there any way to hide mendix's default progress bar. I am using the DataViewLoader widget to load some content on the page. But after the page is loaded it is showing me two progress bars, one is mendix's default progress bar and another one is DataviewLoader progress bar. I am okay with DataviewLoader progress bar. but I don't want the other progress bar too on my page which is by default. Is there any way to get rid from it?
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Hi  Iqbal Kaur,
first you can add html snippet to that particular page   and here is the piece of code 





Please see the below screen shot, I want to get rid from the first progress bar which is by default and page doesn't look good with two progress bars:


Let me explain it little more: I have a button click to open the page e.g: Location details page, that page has Dataview Loader to load the object which is taking much time.

so when I click on the button to open that page, the page is getting loaded on the screen with two progress bars one is dataview loader bar which is fine. the other one is on the top of the page which is mendix's default progress bar (transparent black bar with dots). I don't want to see that on the page because there is already dataview loader bar on the page.. I guess I am bad in explaining, don't know if you understood what I am trying to say or I confused you more.