Anychart config/layout documentation

Hi, We are using anychart, we can find the ployly doc which is in javascript, we cannot find the equivalent json config/layout doc and we dont know how it is converted. For example, in plotly you can set the column size,  column1.pointWidth(5); I've been trying different configs but cannot get it working. Where can i find some documentation?   Thanks Shannon 
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When you install the AnyChart widget, it will come with an App Store module called "AnyChart_BuildingBlocks". These building blocks have pre-configured JSON samples for many different types of charts.

Additionally, here's a cool page where you can play with lots of different chart options via their JSON config:


Thanks Eric.


One more question, can we parametize some the configs, such for the x axis range can we pass a parameter?


From the doc,


Generating data and layout

  1. Add a Data attribute to the Chart entity
  2. In the widget set the Source attribute field in the Data tab
  3. Create a JSON Structure and use the Sample data as the snippet
  4. Create an Export Mapping with the JSON Structure
  5. Create a microflow that retrieves the data and use the Export Mapping to generate a String Variable. Store the value in the object attribute that is select as Source attribute

If need be, the layout can also be generated in the same way as the data. In most cases a Static layout will suffice.


So i can do the same for 'Static' and 'Layout', just add a 'Static' and 'Layout' attribute on the 'Chart' entity?


Not sure if this is a bug, 


    "name": "Test",
    "type": "bar",
    "width": "500000"


If i have only one data point, the bar is still default, if i have more than one data points it uses the width i set here.