iCheck Radio Buttons (Attribute)

Hello, I'm using iCheck Radio Buttons (Attribute). A microflow is called on change, which displays a pop up window with cancel button. When I click 'cancel' button, the pop up appears again. However, I debugged the microflow and it has not been called again. Not sure why iCheck Radio Button is causing that pop up appear twice. I am sure its iCheck Radio Button because microflow and pop up window is working fine with regular radio button input i.e. pop up appears once and closes on cancel. Please, let me know what is causing iCheck display that pop up twice. Thanks, Vertika
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I reproduced the behavior and it seems to be an issue in the widget.

The on change microflow is called once but the popup is opened twice, not sure why this happens, but I suggest contacting the developer and see if he's willing and able to fix this issue.