Possibility to set Form orientation in template grid?

Hi to you! Currently, I do have two pages with (almost) the same appearance.    On page 1, I do have a data view as page parameter where I selected "Horizontal" as Form orientation:    Within this data view, I do have a template grid and in that template grid, I do have text boxes which are automatically horizontally aligned:   On page 2, I only do have the template grid with exactly the same text boxes without the data view - so, per default, they are vertically aligned:  I can change that by using a data grid and integrate the template within it just as I did on page 1 (and, of course, chosing "horizontally" as form orientation), but that would render it unnecessarily complicated in my opinion because I don't really need the data grid there. Do you know why it is only possible to choose the form orientation within a data view, but not within a template grid? Is it possible to align them horizontally without using the data grid (I got the feeling that my approach is way to complicated). Thanks a lot in advance! Laura
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Hi Laura.  Mendix adds bootstrap grid css classes when you have a template grid within a dataview using the horizontal orientation (ex. col-sm-3 and col-sm-9).  Have you thought about using a layout grid with two columns in the template grid to accomplish a similar design?  So you could have one column set to 3 to store the label, and have another column set to 9 to contain the attribute field.