Document Cutoff point

Hi All,   I am trying to make a document based out of certain building blocks. These building blocks are mostly data views. These building blocks have conditional visibility both on the block itself, as within the block. So I do not know in advance how much data there will be in each building block, and which building blocks are in it. Some building blocks are half a page while others may only be 2 sentences. However I do not want a building block split over multiple pages. So if a building block is not completely on one page, but will be split up over 2 pages, I want it moved in total to the second page. I cannot add a page break after each building block since then we will have a lot of pages with only 2 sentences.  Is there some kind of widget that can help with this? I feel like this needs custom java and might be really hard. Does anybody know a good solution?   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Bob,

I think this forum posting will probably answer your question: