How to fill a Reference Selector with an enumeration

Hi there, I am trying to fill a Reference Selector with an enumeration but without success. Below I explained my goal, my attempts and added an image to make it more comprehensible. Goal: I want to assign an IncidentStatus to a Incident Of a list of IncidentStatus-es (enumeration) a user can select all statuses except for ‘Closed’ When an Incident is 5 working days on status “Resolved” it will set to “Closed” How: instead of using an enumeration as attribute of Incident (showing all statuses), I created a new entity IncidentStatus with 1 attribute Status which is an enumeration (see image with domain model & enumeration) This Reference Selector should show all statuses except “closed” for which I want to use a microflow show all all statuses except ‘Closed’ or Show closed an disable change of status Result: To start simple I used the option Database and XPath but the Reference Selector is empty   Hope that someone help me in the right direction. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Zef    
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This will sound silly, but have you created the objects with those statuses? (i.e. Incident status objects)

In order to make the reference selector work, an object with each status enumeration must exist.