Creating a login form with Register and forgot password link

How can I create a login form with Register and forgot password link?  When Turning On Security Level, its showing a default login page of Mendix.  Is it possible to customize it? I have also downloaded LoginForm widget from app store. But I am not understanding how to implement Register option to that, how to connect an entity to this widget and how the login button is working (How the login button is verifying the credentials / to which entity). Can anyone help me on this?
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Hi Reshma,

  You can indeed create a custom login page.  You will need to turn on anonymous users, then make an anonymous user home page.  On that page you can use the Authentication Widgets to put the login button and username field etc.  In Mendix 7.17, you no longer need the login form widget as the authentication widgets are built in to the modeler now.

  There is also a Forgot Password module in the app store that you can use for your forgot password link.  That module has documentation on setup as well.  You will need an SMTP relay so you can send out emails.




I’m to stubid to understand how this will work.

  1. on the security side I enabled the anoymous user
  2. I created a page, using the form “Form Login”
  3. I also tryed to add the login widget

none of it does process a login