Can I make a list view listen to another list?

Hi, I made a page with a list view (ListView1) which contains all my meetings. I'd like to add a widget (Widget1) underneath the list view, that listens to this list view. Widget1 should show me a list of all the attendees of the meeting I selected in ListView1. Alas, whatever I try, it doesn't seem to work. Can someone push me in the right direction to pull this off?    I have a 1 to many association between my meeting-entity en attendee-meeting.  Thank you, Yannick 
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Hello Yannick,

You would need a dataview that listens to your first listview, and then within that dataview you can nest a listview with the associated items.

For example: Meetings listview by DB retrieve -> Meeting dataview listening to listview1 -> Participants listview via association within the meeting dataview

Hope this helps