Push notifications in latest Mendix Modeler

I'm trying to use push notifications in Mendix 7.18 . The module is supported until 7.3. Are there known problems when one tries to use it in 7.18? The module is not generating errors. However, it does not work: when I open the app in hybrid phone mode (with the qr code from my development environment), my device is not registered. The device is Android and I registered the app in Firebase. Does someone have experience with push notifications in the latest modellers? Am I missing something (for example that push notifications don't work in development environments)? Thanks in advance!
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Hi Diederik, to test your app with a development pc you need to create a custom phonegap build using the instructions here: https://github.com/mendix/hybrid-app-template

Then you need to add your development url (i.e. http://diederik:8080) to the developer endpoint in the config/environments.json file. Then you need to create a new build e.g.

npm run package -- --env.target=development

Hope this helps.