Pagination widget shows [No translation]

Hi all, I got a quite simple question about the Pagination widget from the List view controls. I added the widget to my page, but it renders with the text [No translation]. Im using 'Default' as Paging style and no input at the Page size options tab.  The language of my application is set to Dutch, so I guessed I have to give a translation for the widget. I already tried Language -> Batch translate -> Look for the 'From {1} to {2}' and translated it to 'Van {1} tot {2}'. Also if I scan the list with non-translated senteces from both Dutch to English as English to Dutch I don't see any options which could be for the translation for the pagination widget.  Anyone any idea how I can fix this?
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Download the lastest version of the widget from the appstore, that fixed it for me


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Edo Ekkel