Card IO Scanner issue - App is not triggering scanner

I am trying to use Card IO Scanner for my mobile application. I created a link in the navigation which will call a microflow and micro flow creates a CreditCardDetail_2 object and call the page which contains the cardScanner1 widget. I used PhoneGap build the ASK file for android and provided the plugin as mentioned here ( While running the app in the real device, its not triggering scanner and I am just seeing the blank screen. Can you please let me know if I am missing anything here? Please find the screenshots. New screen shots for button     
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You can only use the scan features if you build your own mobile app using the phonegap process. I don't believe it will work with the Mendix mobile app, because it doesn't have the required plugin installed.

You mentioned that it was working on the built app?

If not make sure your Scan button is above the card scanner widget. Also make sure that in your widget you have added the correct class in the setup tab.

Looks like everything else is ok in the setup.




This can have a multitude of causes. What would really help is debugging your device using 'remote devices' in Chrome or via adb. Once you have successfully connected your device to your pc, check the console logging for more information on what is causing the issue.