Image uploader error from entity (generalization of System.Image)

Hello all! I'm running into a strange issue when trying to upload an image to an entity that's generalized from the System.Image class. I keep running into an issue when users upload pictures off their mobile phones (see error below) I assumed that perhaps this as a problem with the size of the image file (the upload works fine for images that are sized < 100KB) but the upload functionality always fails for images taken from the iPhone (i.e high-res & large sized images). I changed the upload widget to allow images sized upto 200MB to test if file size was a problem, but that didn't work. I'm sort of clueless about where to begin debugging this issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Sid,

I ran into the same issue a couple weeks ago. What error are you getting in your logs? For me it was in 7.13.1, and I kept receiving a time out error.

After searching around I found this.


Hope this helps!


This how-to explains how you can work with images and files with Mendix. Out of the box Mendix supports uploading of files and images. It also allows you to view images and download files that you uploaded. First you need to create your own domain model and define which entities are images and which are files. This is done by the concept of ‘inheritance’, sometimes called ‘generalization’. By inheriting from ‘System.Image’ your own entity gets all the properties of the system image entity. This means that you can use the standard platform widgets to upload and view images. The same goes for file documents. 

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