Provide example of adding an image for a user

Hello experts, I am trying to get a fairly baisc function to work, and I can't seem to find an example of how to associate a image file to a user/object in the system. I have created a new app based on the dashboard app using Mendix Modler 7.18.1. I am trying to extend the application to allow Engineers to add a picture from the file system, rather than displaying some generic user image.  Here is the provided Domain Model I created a page to allow an Engineer to be creaed in the system. The "Add Image" button is set up to create a Photo entity, and it appears to allow me to create a Photo object, by specifying a file, or so it appears... Here is the page for the creation of the photo/image: After I deploy this and select a file for the engineer, the image for that engineer does not update.  Any help or example of how to do this would be much appreciated.    
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The Add image button is a custom microflow? My assumption is that you forgot to set the reference.

Make it a custom microflow behind the button and pass the Engineer as parameter. Check via the reference if a Photo object exists otherwise create one and set the reference with the Engineer. Then pass this Photo object to the page you already created. So if you found a picture pas that object if you created a new Photo object you have to pass that one.

Another option would be to already incorporate the picture in the engineer object. But then you have to make sure that when you create a new Engineer you also create and set the reference of the new Photo object.