Calculated values dont update after Excel import

Hi everyone,  I've got a data grid '1'  with values of entity 'A' and right next to it a data view '2' which displays sums of the values inserted in grid '1'. These calculations are done through a non-persistable entity 'B' of which all attributes are calculated and then displayed in my view '2'. When deleting all the values and reimporting them, the sums of '2' don't update, even when I hit the 'Synchronize'-button. They only are updated when I insert values directly to my data grid '1'.   Is this issue a consequence of entitiy 'B' being non-persistable? I did it that way because everytime the MF which calculates the sums of entity 'A' is triggered, a object would be created and then stored in the DB which isn't good in my opinion... Do you know how to overcome this? Best regards, Laura
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Do you calculate the attributes on import of the entity 'A'?  In that case you probably need a refresh of the non-persitant entity in data view 2.

A possible solution might be to use a datasource microflow for dataview 2. In that case you could do a get or create of the non-persistent entity and calculate then sums. Everytime the page object is refreshed the microflow starts and refreshes the sums.