Disable attribute button list widget in mendix

Hi All I am using "Attribute Button List" widget on my page which has values "true" and "false". User can select either true or false. My requirement : For few roles, I want this button to be visible but it should be greyed out and disabled so that user cannot select Yes/No. What I tried : In the Widget properties, under Display tab, I made "read-only" property as "yes" for the role for which I want this button to be disabled. But this did not serve my purpose and I can still select Yes/No. Can you please help me out with my requirement above. Thanks in advance
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Hi Manesa,

You can set this security up on the entity itself. If you go to the access rules on the entity, you can give read access to the roles that can't edit, and read/write access to the roles that can edit.

Here is the documentation on security



Hope this helps!