How to get value from Microflows and append in Widget - (Gauge Widget)

I am implementing RGraphGauge in my application. At the center of the Gauge I have to display three values which was retrieve from Microflows. But, instead of Value it is showing the Microflows Member. For Example This is Gauge js file postCreate: function() { logger.debug( + ".postCreate"); this.domNode.width = this.size; // set dimensions based on widget settings this.cvs.width = this.size; this.cvs.height = this.size * (2/3) + this._titleSpace; // update canvas id to make multiple graphs on one Mendix page possible. id is targeted later on whilst creating the graph = "cvs_" +; this.domNode.appendChild(dom.create('span', { 'class': 'gauge_text1' }, this.messageString)); this.domNode.appendChild(dom.create('span', { 'class': 'gauge_text2' }, this.messageString_two)); this.domNode.appendChild(dom.create('span', { 'class': 'gauge_text3' }, this.messageString_three)); }, This my Gauge xml file <property key="messageString" type="attribute" required="true" > <caption>some value</caption> <category>Data Source</category> <description>samplevalue for testing gauge.</description> <attributeTypes> <attributeType name="Decimal" /> </attributeTypes> </property> In my script when I tried to retrieve ValueA of value from Microflows but I am getting Member name instead of Member value. Please help me how to get the ValueA value from Microflows.   Thanks
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The value is not automatically passed to your widget, as this depends on your current context etc.

You will need to use the member names to retrieve the actual values (this also makes sure you have the newest values from memory/cache).

Try adding this:

update : function (ctxObj) {
	var valueA = ctxObj.get(messageString);
	var valueB = ctxObj.get(messageString_two);
	var valueC = ctxObj.get(messageString_three);

Update is called automatically similar to postCreate. As soon as the widget receives the Context Object the update function is called.

You will also want to switch any rendering function calls that need this data to the 'update' function, otherwise it will probably render without data (postCreate is always called before update).