Excel Import much slower on Mendix 7 - Only when Reference to import objects is filled in!

Importing an Excel file with 280.000 records on Mendix 6 took about 1,5 minutes. Importing the same Excel file of 280.000 records on Mendix 7, is taking forever. The import logs every 1000 records it imports. On Mendix 7, the time grows quite fast. After reading in 50.000 records or so, it had grown from 0.3 seconds to 40 seconds. Does anybody know what is causing this and how I can work around it? Thanks! Interesting update: If I remove the Reference to import objects, the import works as before ... --> The work around I came up with is to add the reference afterwards. Unfortunately, that was causing performance issues as well - adding references to 280.000 records in a loop. The final solution was to use a different object in between the parent object and the imported objects. This objects has a many-to-many with the imported records which then could be assigned in a list instead of one by one.
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Hi Toon, I assume you're using 7.16. I had a similar issue that was introduced in 7.14, but solved in 7.18. Not sure if this issue is related to yours, but it's worth a try. Can you try 7.18 and let us know?


Could it be that Mendix 7 uses more memory? If you are running low on memory, before you get an out-of-memory error, you might experience slow-downs, as data is pushed back and forth from RAM to page file. Have you tried increasing your environment's RAM?