Switch boolean cannot be done sliding the switch

Hello all, Our client is very happy with the looks of the Switch widget (https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/50324/), however it only works by tapping/clicking on it. On a touchscreen it's more natural to really slide (drag-and-drop) the switch on and off, but this doesn't work. Do you have tips to build this functionality? I already tested the Boolean Slider widget, but this has the same slide/click behaviour. Thanks! Johan __ Update 18-10-2018: Even the examples on https://speckyboy.com/toggle-switch-css/ aren't really slidable
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I did look to some non-native solutions (css based), and none had that effect...so I think you have to develop a custom css widget for that wherein you simulate the slide...which is probably not worth the effort...not for me