Exit Intent (Wait Dont Go) Widget Issues

Hi guys, I'm trying to use the Exit Intent (Wait Don't Go) widget to provide a popup where a user chooses to save or discard their changes in a form.  I have the widget implemented, but when I run the application, the widget displays "Could not create widget ExitIntent.widget.ExitIntent" Does anybody know how to resolve this issue?
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Hello – to download this properly from Github to embed in my app, I assume I just need the .mpk file? While I don’t get an errors, it doesn’t seem to be working. These are the steps I did:

  1. Used CommunityCommons.objectHasChanged java method in microflow to detect any changed values
  2. Attached above microflow to “Changes Microflow” setting of “ExitIntent” widget


When I click the upper right X of a form/page, the dialog box doesn’t appear asking me if I want to save?


Hi Andrea,

Try downloading the latest version from github. I was testing this widget in 7.15.1 and got the same error message. Using the version from github fixed my issue.