How to add CSS styles to widget with microflow

Hi, I want to add CSS styles to widget using microflow. I want to achieve something like this, 'height:'+$value+';' for CSS style. How can I do this ? Thank you :)
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Hi Putharin,

Yes this is possible:

Use a CustomString widget (render as html=true) and in the end event build up your string like:





that should do the trick!

EDIT: Just wanted to add: be cautious in using these kinds of solutions, as they are terrible for maintainability: future developers/ops will have no idea where the styling is coming from. A better solution would be to alter the widget, add a microflow to the widget which retrieves a value at run time. The best solution however would be to don't do it: stay within the standard functionality of Mendix, and find an alternative solution to the problem / visual representation of the issue that does not require you to implement this :)


Hi Phutharian,

There is no out of the box way to do this. You can play around with adding a style tag using javascript and the javascript snippet widget. This allows you to use object attributes as input parameters for your script.


Hope this helps!



Unfortunately, it is not possible to do stuff like this in a microflow.

The only solution I can imagine is adding some custom javascript code to a html snippet that changes the style based on values you can find. (Or creating your own widget doing this)


Hi Wieke,

Thanks for your answer, however please correct me if I did some step incorrectly.

This is the component that I want to adjust (the highlighted one).

This is my string at the end of event.

Also, it does appear right here when I inspect on it.

However, the size of the widget has not been adjusted at all.

I appreciate your assistance.