how can i get and use widget name inside the Microflow or xpath?

hi all, how can i get" retrieve "  and use widget name inside the Microflow or xpath?
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Hi Mohammed, the widget you mentioned is only a UI component that searches objects of 1 entity for you and shows the result below. A quick search functionality. 

The widget is used on a page and can have 2 different datasources: 

  1. XPath: just searches in all objects that are available starting with the text you're typing. You cannot adding any further constraints.
  2. Microflow: To retrieve the objects it will trigger a microflow, which means that the widget must be in a dataview to pass the given search text through the dataview object in the microflow. In the microflow you can do a XPath retrieve activity and add certain constraints to the XPath query.

The easiest way to use the widget is have the XPath datasource.

To have the same result but without the usage of the widget: use a listview!