How to build pie chart and doughnut chart in chartjs

Hello all am new to mendix am trying to implement the pie chart and doughnut chart in one of my project i have seen the tutorial which was in for line chart i followed it and i got the output for line chart as well but when i tried the same for pie chart and doughnut chart am not getting any output will any one please help me to resolve this issue. Domain model here i took. 1.  1.  2. i gave the configuration same for pie chart and doughnut chart like this, but i didnt find any data point how to give x and y values for result do we need to write any microflow   3. the output page which i got for line chart and Area chart and i want the same for Pie & Doughnut chart  please help me to do this   Regards   Pavan
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Thought I'd put my answer below, the tutorial you followed just takes you through the basics, for a full documentation see under the documentation tab

The specific part of that guide that applies to you is:

"Data Point Entity

The reference (set) that connects the Data Set Entity to the Data Point Entity. This entity contains the values for each point in the dataset. This is a reference set for the Line, Bar, StackedBar and Radar charts. It is a reference for the Pie, Doughnut, DoubleDoughnut and Polar charts"

So you would need a Many to One relationship as well which gets used in the pie chart.

Hope this helps