Datagrid/Dataview buttons

Hi, I saw in a widget on the App Store something that I wanted for a long time but I didn't find it in Mendix. This widget is List view controls, and in the screenshots of the widget they present buttons at the end of a datagrid line (I put the screenshot where we see here a blue button and a red trash to delete). But after installing the widget I don't see these possibilities, and in the widget documentation I don't find them. Maybe it is not this widget after all that does this but something else. Could you please help me to find how to do it ? Thank you.
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That widget is an enhancement to the ListView control, not the DataGrid control.  If you want to reproduce what you saw in the widget documentation, display your data in a ListView instead of a DataGrid.  Then you'll be able to put buttons anywhere on each line, have much more control and flexibility over inline editing and, using the widget you mentioned, offer some DataGrid like capabilities.

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