How to connect Text box with Suggestions widget to an attribute

Hi everyone, I'm working with the text box with Suggestions widget and it works fine, I selected the source and attribute and when I type a few letters, suggestions are displayed below. The problem is that after filling the text box and clicking save no data is being stored. This is because the textbox is not connect to any attribute/Entity to store its content. If someone has experience with this kind of problems and could give me a hint or point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.
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I have no experience with the widget itself, but the screenshots show an attribute that stores the search string during execution of the search microflow. In the microflow you can use the value of the search string in any way you'd like. So if you use Xpath as source, you could try to switch to microflow.

If you use it as a text box, it must be in a dataview however. This dataview should probably contain an object of the entity you selected for the widget, including the attribute that you selected in the widget settings. If you press save, it should be handled as a regular textbox and simply save the value to that attribute. You can easily check this by replacing the save button with a microflow button that does the same. Debug it and check what value the attribute has.