Page keeps refreshing to the top of the page when pressing button

Hi guys, I have a listview and for each item of the list I can type in an integer value and then press a button to save it. The microflow does a commit with a refresh page. However, after the button is pressed I keep being brought to the top of the page and then need to scroll down again to see the field I need.  I recently made some UI changes to the page, applying some bootstrap css for col-md-x , but other than this, nothing else. Before these changes, I believe that this kind of behavior was not happening, although not sure if it's related cause it really shouldn't, should it? Also tried without refresh page and this is still happening... Could you please help? Kind regards, Razvan
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Hi Razvan,

Are you sure you are refreshing the right object? As in, not your context object (if applicable), because that would indeed trigger a page refresh.

EDIT: just noticed in your question that you explicitly said your microflow does a page refresh. Is this necessary? Because if so, the behavior can not be avoided. Try avoiding the refresh, or only refreshing the object you are changing.