QR Scanner without native app deployment

Hi all!   Is it possible to use a QR/Barcode scanner widget without having to publish the app to mobile app stores (i.e. have it natively installed)? I want to scan QR-codes with my app and store the information to which the QR code refers in my database. However, I have no experience with creating native apps, so I want to try it in a webapp first.   Kind regards and thanks in advance!  Steve Jonk
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technically this is possible, though I'm not sure how widely supported that is across different browsers. However I don't know an existing Mendix widget for that functionality. Thus you'd need to build that yourself based on some existing JS code (e.g. https://github.com/schmich/instascan)

Building native apps with Mendix is not that difficult. So if this is an option for you it's probably easier to use a native app.

regards, Fabian