Issue with Key Attribute in Excel import Template reflection

As per my knowledge import template must have one Key attribute which shouldn't be duplicate in excel column otherwise the line will be ignored by excel importer.  It is a issue which should be resolved. As my shop data have duplicate value in every column so if a take one attribute as key value than much data is ignored by importer. Is there any way I can get rid of this key value attribute and make excel importer working 100% free of errors. 
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As far as i know, that is how it works. 

If you have for example one order with multiple orderlines in your Excel import document.

Your order has its own Id (unique Key Attribute) and each of your orderlines should have them aswell. 
How else would you expect the importer to map the correct other duplicate values to the right attributes in the application?


Hi Muhammed,

If you just want to import your data one time you can change the import action on your temlplate to "create an object for each row".

If you want to be able to update your data through excel, you can add a column to your excel sheet for the key attribute. I usually make my key numeric starting at 1.


Edit: Change the import action from synchronize to "create row for each object". Then the template won't require you to have a key.