Custom parameters for microflow invocation

I have a following problem. Model is very simple: entity named Expression that records Weight which is ment to be manipulated by User:   On a push of a button (which is found within DataView that is rendering Expression entity) I would like to call a parametrized microflow that adds 1, 2 or 3 (depending on a button) to a Weight attribute of a current Expression.   Buttons call following microflow:   The problem is that I cannot parametrize button's invocation to this microflow. Button connected to a microflow implicitly takes as a parameter an Expression but I cannot explicitly add anything else to a list of parameters:   I really streched my imagination trying to use other widgets within that DataView but nothing worked out (even if it worked, it would be unresonable complicated for such a trivial problem). Obvious solution is simple: have a different microflow for each button. All three microflows are identical but one contains hardcoded +1, the other +2 and the last one says +3. That's no way to do things and I don't count that as a solution. I might have 10 button tomorrow...   Thank you all in advance!
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Hi Eugen,

What you can do is create seperate Microflows that are connected to the different buttons. 

When clicking on button 1, MF for button 1 is triggered and provides the weight (1) to the AddWeight MF.

When clicking on button 2, MF for button 2 is triggered and provides the weight 2) to the AddWeight MF.

And so on. 

Hope that helps.