Progress bar that can plot multiple data points in different colors

Hi, I have a requirement to have a progress bar similar to the one show below. Over here, I have $150 as the current balance which is shown in light green color and $50 is the pending transactions showed in dark green color. Is there any widget in the app store that lets me plot the values this way ? Any help would be highly appreciated.  
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Hi Vinod,

Have you take a look the progress bar widget? I'm not sure if you can do multiple colors in the same progress bar, you may have to customize the widget.



You can create a progress bar with html and javascript.

I would try something similar to this stack overflow post:


I would use the html snippet to build the html and the javascript snippet for the javascript piece. The javascript snippet allows you to use tokens from an entity.


Two options:

  1. Use 2 progress bars rendered on top of each other using CSS absolute positioning
  2. Modify one of the progress bar widgets