Invalid property encountered on fo:list-block: list-style-type on pdf generation

I am getting this error when generating a pdf. Mendix version is 7.16 The error in question relates to the following html <ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;"> I am using a Document template to generate the pdf. The template textcontainer has the Xhtml attribute set to true. The text from the attribute to be displayed is being sanitised using the communitycommons xsssanitise and the ebay policy (this has been used as it was causing the least problems). The attribute I am displaying the text from is populated using the Ckeditor. The Ckeditor's list setting is on and users can enter data in list format. When  you choose to use the list in the CKeditor it gives you a basic list without any style= setting in the tag. If you right mouse clikc on the field you are presented the option to add style to your list. This then provides the style setting in the html tag as shown above.  When outputting the resulting text to pdf the generation throws the above validation error and the pdf creation fails. As soon as the style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;" is removed from the sanitised string the pdf generates fine. Does someone have a suggestion for a solution for this? Thx    
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Hi Tim,

Perhaps you can try updating either or both widgets / the community commons and see if that solves your problem. The xsssanitise has been changed significantly (not using the ebay policies and alike anymore) and also the CKEditor has been updated recently. 

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has there ever been a solution for this?