Validation messages on CKE Editor are not dissapearing

Hi Everyone!  We're using the CKE Editor to type out news messages. We are checking to make sure the user has entered something in the editor. We are also checking for pasted in images. (we disabled the add image button, but found users can still copy paste images in).  We check these with a microflow which adds a validation feedback message.  You can see what we have here: When you remove the images from the CKE Editor, the validation message does not dissapear. Like the standard mendix text fields do.  The field gets validated with the "on change" event. So when a user remove's the images, the validation is run again and should come up all fine and remove the validation message.  How can I remove the validation message ? EDIT:  I found another topic with the same problem. There was a suggestion to use the Bootstrap Editor. That indeed works, but does not support creating tables. And that's one of the requirements I'm afraid. Is there a way to add creating of tables to the bootstrap editor?  EDIT 2:  I've found the rich text editor widget in the store. That works good as well although its missing the table support. Both this and the bootstrap plugin, don't clean out styling from the elements like the CKE Editor did. 
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