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In one of our application we have an overview page which is assembled with a listview and listview controls widget for searching and sorting. One of the fields that a user can search on is a creation date, but the user wants to search in a range like "show all entities created between date X and date Y) This seems to be not possible with the listview controls search. How can we solve this? What the user needs are : - search on text fields, dropdown search for enumeration and some associations, date range search - sort every column ascending and descending - paging buttons - don't loose the search fields content when sorting - have the actions (for instance "update") as a button in every row (no action buttons on top of the datagrid) We tried to solve it with different widgets but none of them gave a solution that covered all requirements: - datagrid : buttons are on top of grid and no buttons possible in row - listview with listview controls : no date range search possible - template grid : no sort header - grid search widget : but listview sort headers don't take the search fields into account    
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I cant help you with your widget but I've noticed something that I see often:

"What the user needs are..."

from a UX perspective it seems like there is not a clear focus on what the users needs are so you are trying to cover all bases, giving the users 1 clear way to find the right data often solves a lot of other issues related.

Sorry I cant help with MX, but it might be worth discussing how important it is to cover every possible scenario. :D